Our equipment

To ensure the highest quality and accuracy of our measurements, we use Trimble equipment supplied by our partner Geotrading Poland.

Total Stations

Trimble S8, VX are used for the most demanding engineering projects and for day to day survey tasks, they are among the most advanced total station solution available today.

Trimble DINI

The Trimble DiNi is a digital height measurement sensor designed for precise leveling of flat and sloping surfaces, establishing the vertical component of grade and ground profiles, subsidence monitoring, and establishing the vertical component of control networks.

Trimble R6, R8, SPS882 GNSS systems

Trimble R6, R8, SPS882 GNSS systems allows for a quick survey of very large open areas with high accuracy even in the harshest weather conditions.

The TX5 and TX8 scanners

The TX5 and TX8 scanners are highly versatile scanning solutions for variety of scanning applications. The combination of two scanners allows us to quickly measure objects of all sizes.


SonarMite represents the highest quality level among single beam probes. By integrating the probe with a GNSS receiver we can map rivers, lakes and coasts with 3 cm accuracy.


Geotrading FMX3 is a new standard for land surface mapping. Designed to improve work efficiency dedicated for professionals. FMX3 uses the latest photogrammetric technologies ensuring optimum image quality and maximum accuracy.

Timble GEDO Scan

The Trimble GEDO Scan System is an integrated solution combining the Trimble GEDO CE 2.0 TMD and the Trimble TX5 laser scanner, which together, allow you to collect high-resolution datasets for use in track clearance assessments, facilities management and track alignment control.

Leica DS2000 Ground Penetrating Radar and Leica ULTRA Advanced Locator

The Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar is able to find all potential threats, including non-conductive pipes and fibre optics, reducing the risk of accidentally striking underground assets. The detection radar along with Leica ULTRA provides the most advanced precision utility tracing system.

For more information about our equipment visit our partner Geotrading Poland.


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